How to be in a calorie deficit – lose fat without guessing

How to be in a calorie deficit – lose fat without guessing

So to lose weight the only way is to be in a calorie deficit. But it’s no good saying so without explaining how. If you’re unsure what a calorie deficit is or how it works, click here.

There are many ways to do this. This article will highlight the way most my clients and myself have found success.

First off you’ll need to work out how many calories your body burns. Use my calorie calculator to work that out.

Working out how many calories I need to eat to be in a deficit

Work out how many calories you burn in a day and reduce that amount by 15%-25%. The rate of weight loss is a percentage and proportional to your height and weight.

This is an amount which will be suitable to your size and activity level. By using a percentage, the weight loss will be proportional to you whether you’re 4’11 or 6’7 tall.

So if you burn 2500 calorie a day aim for 1875 – 2125 calories a day. That’s a big enough deficit for you to see weight loss soon enough. But it’s no so aggressive you’ll end up hating your life. If you can go more aggressive than that, time to time, feel free.

The biggest mistake people make when trying work out how to be in a deficit

The biggest mistake people do is trying to lose 2lb’s a week. Losing 2lbs is going to be easier for a large active man, than a small sedentary female. So aiming for 2lbs a week without context is foolish.

Rather than aiming for a specific number. You should be looking to lose a percentage of weight instead. A percentage is relative to you and your body. As I said in the previous paragraph aim for 15-25%.

If you’re a small female looking to lose 2lb a week and my calculator said you burn 1900 a day. That would mean you’d have to eat 900 calories a day, which is going to be very difficult. If you’re a large male who burns 3200 calories a day, you’d have to eat 2200 calories a day, which is easier.

But if the female on 1900 calories a day, went into a 25% deficit, she’d have to eat 1425 calories a day. The male who burns 3200 calories, on a 25% deficit, would have to eat 2400. Both relative to their body sizes, would lose fat at a reasonable rate. So aim for percentages and stop trying to lose 2lbs a week.

Eat enough protein

When in a calorie deficit, protein is very important.

I wrote a whole article on how much protein to eat in a calorie deficit. It also talks about why it’s so important.

Eating more protein is how my clients get in a calorie deficit.

Get kitchen scales and download a calorie tracking app

You don’t have to weigh your food and count calories to be in a calorie deficit. But, if at the end of each month you had less money in your bank than what you earned. What would your account suggest? They’d say check your account and make a note of all your monthly spending and see how you can cut it down.

We are awful at estimating our food intake, scales never lie to us.

Read this article, about how to use kitchen scales and why they’re so important.

How to increase your activity to be in a calorie deficit

As well as reducing your calories in. Increasing your calories out, is a good idea. Studies show it’s inefficient increasing your daily calories burnt by exercise. Exercise gets you stronger, feeling better and building muscle. It’s not good for weight loss.

But if you want to increase calories burnt. Evidence shows you should be focusing on your NEAT. NEAT is all the movements you do in a day, which aren’t exercise. These movements burn more calories than exercise for most people. Click here to learn more about NEAT and click here to find out how you can increase your rates of NEAT.

Increasing your neat is an easy way in how to be in a calorie deficit

How flexible are you going to be in your calorie deficit?

For reasons I don’t know why, we humans love silly rules. Whether that’s quitting because they ate more than their calorie allowance for the day. Or thinking they failed because they didn’t hit their protein target.

Anyway being too rigid and not flexible is the cause of many failures. This article goes deep into why you have to be flexible if you want to succeed.

Final thoughts on how to be in a calorie deficit

So being in a calorie deficit is simple, but it’s not easy. Before going in to another fad diet or trying anything drastic. Make sure you’ve checked everything I’ve laid out here for you. These are the only rules you need to lose weight.

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